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A Life Like This

It’s important for me to tell my story because I want to share it with somebody. I’ve always questioned myself “what if theres somebody out there whose living the same life as me.” But this is my own story. Nobody else lives or could manage to live it but me. Only I can handle a life like this.


My hopes and dreams for the future is to someday be as successful as I can be. I want to live a life that none of my parents had ever dreamed of. I want to go to college to get my nursing degree and music degree. I want to be looked at as someone who can do anything. I plan to do as much as I can do. They say “you only live once.” I gotta live my life to the fullest.


Words are Weapons

A lot of things had happened to me during my teenage years. I’ve been called stupid, dumb, and the biggest word that bothers me “FAT.” But I survived. I take those words and put them into positive words. I walked around and smiled when ever people call me those words. I smile, now I barely hear those words.




I think that my Spanish teacher thinks that I am lazy person with an attitude. Spanish is very hard for me so sometimes I get lost and confused. She makes me pass papers out and clean the board. I have learn now to not disappoint her and it motivates me to do better in the class and prove her wrong.