The importance of having our story told is an important part of our day to day life . We do this by talking with our friends and family, blogging, posting on our Facebook walls or tweeting, having dinner parties, writing editorials, creating news programs, creating art, or wrting in a journal. How much we share with the world depends on our relationship with the people around us and the world we are exposed to. Our environment gives us the ability to share our experiences in different ways. This project, focusing on youth voice and experience, shows the experience of young people across Maine using photography as a platform to talk about what their days are like.

The origin of the program came as an idea to create a photography scavenger hunt that youth would find using their cameras. Youth were asked to to identify concrete objects and abstract concepts and take photos of these them.

1. Identify Your Face Concrete

2.  Identify someone you love Concrete

3.  Identify your favorite food Concrete

4.  Identify your transportation method Concrete

5.  Identify somewhere that you feel at home Conceptual

6.  Identify hope Conceptual

7. Identify a challenge in your life Conceptual

8. Identify a fear Conceptual

9. Identify a passion Conceptual

10. Identify class (rich vs. poor) Conceptual

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