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One From All

A collaboration from youth around the state of Maine. 35 cameras, 35 voices, thousands of experiences.



This story relates to who I am because this is my story. I live this life almost every day. Every day is the same thing all over again. It’s like a cycle that’s never ending.

Typical Day

I chose to take pictures that reflect my positive out look on life and people. This paticular story is an immitation day. I tried to imitate a typical day in my life. I tried to create through my photo’s a typical day in the life of me! Waking up at 7 am looking crazy! Followed by hair, makeup, some good hygiene and my uniform to be all bundled up and ready for the cold day. I do my work, and listen to music and read in my spare time. I watch movies before bed, shower, lights out! Then it all starts again.

The who and where

Friends and Family mean a lot to me I see my baby niece everyday. She means the World to me. I also live with my best friend Caleigh She is a high part of my life aswell I don’t know what I would do with out these people in my life. Daisy is not my dog but I wish she was. I see every weekend I dog sit her for a friend. She is such a good dog.